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Dent is coming back to Sun Valley, ID March 22-25th 2015. Check out the schedule of sessions and activities below:

March 22nd

10:00 am

Activity Day

The Dent Activity day features skiing, wine tasting, and other great group activities with your fellow Denters in Sun Valley, ID.

March 23rd

10:30 am

From Scrappy to Scale: Management Tips for Entrepreneurs at Growing Companies

Speakers: Sarah Milstein

"Management" is the stuff taught in business school and for people running Fortune 500 companies with big teams and thousands of employees. But entrepreneurs need to begin managing their companies well before they're public, and many founders struggle with the transition.

Sarah Milstein, CEO and co-founder, with Eric Ries, of Lean Startup Productions, will share her insights into the process of learning to manage a company as it grows from a startup into a mature organization.

March 24th

03:45 pm

Lessons From a Consulting Detective

At our first Dent gathering in 2013, Maria Konnikova, author of "Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes" discussed how mindfulness and focus can enhance creativity and problem-solving.

For 2015, we will expand on that theme by bringing in Mark Duncan, a real-word Sherlock Holmes. For the last six years Mark (a "retired" police detective) has been sought after by numerous police departments on a contract basis to help them solve a number of cold-case homicides that have defied conventional resolution.

Over his 36 years of experience in law enforcement Mark has developed a variety of effective techniques for interviewing suspects and witnesses, as well as for reading subtleties in the evidence. Unlike the abrasive style the fictional Holmes takes, Mark's approach is focused on reading his subject in order to build rapport and affinity. 

In this fireside chat Mark will discuss real-world/everyday applications of the tools, techniques, strategies and tactics he uses on the job to weed out deception, drive revelation, and to steer behavior.