Some people are here to put a dent in the universe.


Our flagship Dent conference is a three day experience for entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives who are driven to put a dent in the universe. We hosted Dent for the first time in 2013, and the unique experience brings together a series of adventures, workshops, activities, sessions, dining, parties, and entertainment.

Each year Denters gather to seek collaboration and peer experiences, to learn from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the world, and build the kinds of relationships that empower them to tackle incredible challenges.

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Nothing builds community and drives collaboration like in-person experiences. We host and enable a series of dinners, meetups, and other gatherings that help forge the kinds of relationships that lead people to universe-denting ideas and partnerships.

In 2017, we’ll be hosting a series of five Dent Dinners throughout the United States.


Learning and inspiration are all well and good, but experiences are what turn book knowledge into actionable understanding. We organize and host a variety of experiences for our community throughout the year that strengthen the bonds between Denters and build skills that are indispensable for great leadership and effective work.

Last year we took a group of Denters to a little-known underwater habitat used for training astronauts.

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Dent 2018 is heading to Yountville, CA

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