Incredibly simple yet totally difficult

Everyone in the world knows the secret to being in shape and attractive: you must eat well and get exercise. Of course, you need to know what eating well means — nobody really seems to have a definitive answer, but we all know that if given the choice between chocolate cake and carrots, only one option is correct — and you need to know how to exercise in the right way and in the right amounts.

Building a killer product appears to be similar. There’s a “right way” to do it, and while there’s no truly general answer to what the “right way” is for product design, there are choices along the way where there’s only one correct option.

But it’s hard. It’s really hard to build a product the right way: getting people, especially people from different backgrounds like creatives and developers, to work in lockstep and without making the kinds of compromises that ultimately harm the product.

This is the paradox of dent-the-universe style execution: it is incredibly simple yet totally difficult.