Building the Holodeck: Our Comic-Con Panel

As I mentioned a few weeks back, we are again orchestrating a number of science and technology themed panels to be held at San Diego Comic-Con this year. The first that was approved is titled “Building the Holodeck” and here is the description:

Building the Holodeck:
From the X-Men’s “danger room” training facility, to the Star Trek holodeck, immersive simulations have been central to comic book, TV, and film storytelling. Unlike other depictions of far-off inventions, the year 2015 has brought us surprisingly close to possessing what has been thought of as a 24th century technology. In this session, several leaders from the VR and space exploration industries will talk about how recent developments like the Oculus Rift headsets enable “holodecks” of today. They’ll also show some of the exciting virtual experiences under development. An actual holodeck-style rendering of the Enterprise (Star Trek: Next Generation) bridge will be presented.

Our speakers so far include:

  • Nonny de la Peña (CEO of Emblematic Group)
  • Jason Cruzan (Director, Advanced Exploration Systems Division at NASA )
  • Philip Lelyveld (Consumer 3D Experience Lab at USC School of Cinematic Art’s Entertainment Technology Center)
  • Jamie Kelly (President, VRCade)