Dent Scholarship Applications Close on October 1st

Dent hallwayEach year Dent brings together a diverse and fascinating group of people who are “putting a dent in the universe,” ranging from entrepreneurs to artists, VCs to designers, and a little bit of practically everything in between. The power of Dent comes significantly from putting the right people in the same place for four days running, allowing us all to build relationships that go beyond the boundaries of the conference.

For the first time this year, we started offering an “Alchemist” registration to Dent, which is priced a little higher but helps underwrite the cost of offering free attendance to folks who otherwise would not be able to attend.

So far, Alchemists have funded four full registrations to Dent 2016, and all Alchemist registrants will have the opportunity to help select the recipients. That number will continue to climb as more folks register as Alchemists.

Scholarship applications will be competitive; we’ve got more than five times the number of applications as there are (currently) spots to hand out, but the deadline to apply for a scholarship to Dent is October 1st. So go apply today — or if you know someone who should really be at Dent, send them the link.