Dent visit to the Microsoft Envisioning Center & Flyte

envisioningYesterday a group of Seattle-area Denters got together for a tour of the Microsoft Envisioning Center (it’s attached to the Home of the Future, where Microsoft explores the future technologies for productivity), and for a little wine, pizza, and flight simulation at Flyte, a Redmond-area startup building some very cool new flight sim technology.

We had a very limited capacity for the tour and for the visit, but it was a great group. The envisioning tour, which is supposed to last about an hour, ended up at about an hour and a half, because our poor guide (David Jones – thanks!) kept getting caught in pretty fascinating debates around the concepts, potential implementations, and uses of the stuff we were looking at.

After the tour, we drove over to Flyte, where people took turns flying around in their crazy, six-projector powered conical flight simulator pod.


As always, we love finding excuses to bring the Dent community together, and yesterday was no exception. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again very soon in Sun Valley, March 22-25th. (Not going yet? Request an invite!)