How to pitch yourself as a speaker

13470083733_85300f5119_mI get tons of speaker proposals, and have for years (with the Tweet House, Twitter Conferences, Web Community Summit, Blog Business Summit, and now Dent). There are good ways and bad ways to pitch, and while I can really only speak for myself, I bet that a lot of this applies to pitching other events as well.

I’ve written a post on Medium about how to pitch, called Three great ways (and three awful ways) to pitch yourself as a speaker.

In the awful ways column:

Did you speak at TEDxSomewhere? Awesome! Do not say you’ve done “a TED talk.” You have not done a TED talk (unless you have). You have done a TEDx talk. There’s a difference — you know it, and we know it.

So if you’re curious about how the sausage as made, at least in this restaurant, it could be a fun read. And if you think it’s helpful for others, we always love a share.