Limited Edition: 10 50%-off Startup Passes to Dent 2015

CC from FlickR

It’s a startup world out there. Let’s face it; many of the people who are working on universe-denting projects are entrepreneurs and cash is a scarce resource.

We live it, too.

We think Dent is a pretty great opportunity to build real relationships, open doors to new opportunities for growth, and hopefully exchange a few good ideas with your peers. It’s exactly the kind of edge we want to provide to little organizations with big goals.

So we’re offering 10 passes to Dent, available to Startups on a first-come first-served basis, at 50% off the regular price: $1,375.

How do I request a startup pass?

It’s easy! Just request an invitation on this form, and type “(Startup)” after the name of your organization.

We review all invitation requests manually, and we’ll be in touch to confirm your ability to register. It’s a soft science; but we all know the difference between Pinterest and a startup that could use the help.