Look to Science Fiction for Great Inspiration

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I am instinctively drawn to the concept of prototyping new technologies and experiences by gluing together concepts from science fiction. Lots of it is obvious in retrospect: you may notice the iPad in Ender’s Game. Today’s smartphones were called “data pads” in 80’s Star Wars novels. And so on.

I think there’s still stuff in Ender’s Game that hasn’t arrived yet but is on the way. You remember the game that Ender plays on his iPad? That was 50% of the inspiration for DreamBox Learning, the company that Denter Jessie Wooley-Wilson runs. The other 50% was Stephenson’s Diamond Age.

So a medium post titled What I Learned About the Future by Reading 100 Science Fiction Books? Instant winner for me. And totally useful for you, too.

Go check it out.