PATH Launches "Reach" Campaign in a Fireside Chat with Bill Gates

This morning, PATH, the Seattle-bases non profit headed by Denter Steve Davis, launched their “Reach” campaign, designed to raise a $100 million dollar fund (of which more than $74 million has been raised) to “reach health equity.” 

The fund is focused on making progress with women’s reproductive health and with the health of children under the age of 5.

At the launch breakfast, Davis held a fireside chat with Bill Gates, who talked about how impressive the rate of progress on health technology is.

PATH has just released a new type of birth control, a small disposable syringe that, except for some remaining regulatory hurdles, can be self-injected once every three months. It’s called Sayana Press. In a society where seeing a health professional can mean a 12 kilometer walk for someone who may or may not have supplies in stock, a local self-injection option for family planning is literally a life changer.

Exciting to see the worlds of technological innovation and charity work together like this.

PATH CEO Steve Davis will be joining us as a presenter at Dent 2016. Have you requested an invite yet?