Dent:Explore Maui 2018 Schedule

Friday, Sep 7th

1:00 PM

Mindsets and Decisions

Sheraton - Kihei Room
Guide: Ellen Leanse

The way we think the world works determines how we experience life and make every decision. Ellen will walk us through two important frameworks: the role of unseen brain functions in shaping perception and interpersonal dynamics, and how a mindset toward growth and learning changes the way we navigate the world.
2:15 PM


2:45 PM

Lessons From Design Thinking

Sheraton - Kihei Room
Guide: Elisa Jagerson

Great design comes from deep and thorough thinking — from the basic function of something on a mechanical level, to how it makes people feel about themselves. In this interactive session, Elisa will share with us different aspects of design thinking, her own approach to "experience engineering" — and how we might apply those methods of thought to other decisions we face in life and work.
3:45 PM


4:15 PM

A Physicist Who Thinks Like an Engineer

Sheraton - Kihei Room
Guide: Laura Ulibarri

Laura Ulibarri is often described as a “physicist who thinks like a engineer.” In this talk, she will describe how the two fields align, how they diverge and how both approaches can be used to problem-solve in both work and personal realms.
5:15 PM

Break to prepare for Dinner

6:30 PM

Welcome Dinner (hosted by Dent)

Various Restaurants
Dinners will be at various restaurants around town.
8:30 PM

Hot Seat Exercise

Sheraton Maui
Getting to know our companions.

Saturday, Sep 8th

8:00 AM

Coffee Meetup

Black Rock Kitchen - Sheraton
A-la-carte breakfast is available on the Hula Girl cruise, or eat beforehand if preferred.
9:30 AM

Catamaran Cruise Departs

Ka'anapali Beach - Leilani’s
Join Denters for a full-day snorkel and/or SCUBA cruise on the “Hula Girl” Catamaran. Cruise along Maui's scenic coastline to premier snorkeling destinations such as Honolua Bay Marine Sanctuary. Knowledgeable captains and crew are marine naturalists who are happy to share information on an informal basis throughout your sailing excursion. Purchase your tickets well in advance, as the cruise does sell out.

You can purchase tickets to the cruise here.

Alternative: for those who get seasick, wait too long to purchase their seats, or simply prefer a different activity -- some Denters will head to the Maui Aquarium for the day.
12:30 PM

Lunch on Hula Girl Cruise

No-host lunch available for purchase on the catamaran.
2:30 PM

Arrival from cruise / Personal Time

Ka'anapali Beach - Leilani’s
6:30 PM


Various Restaurants
No-host dinner. Hawaiian eatery on the Plantation Golf Course offers views from the 19th hole & elegant island fare.

Sunday, September 9th

10:00 AM

Morning Beach Time/Activit(ies)

Snorkel tour of Black Rock option
Golf option
Walking tour Ka'anapali option
11:00 AM

Book Club
Poolside at Sheraton Maui

We’ll grab a couple cabanas poolside at Sheraton Maui to discuss the books people have brought with them to Hawaii. The group will split into two or three conversations depending on size; please plan to share a five minute summary of a book you’ve brought with your or have read recently, and any one key lesson or takeaway from the read.
12:30 PM


Denters find lunch; there are wonderful options for dining up and down Ka’anapali beach south of Black Rock.
3:00pm - 4:00pm


Sheraton - Kihei Room
Guide: Danny Hernandez.

Danny will teach us how to use systematic prediction to make better decisions.

Danny Hernandez found his calling while working as an early data scientist at Twitch (acquired by Amazon in 2014). At Twitch Danny trained hundreds of staff to systematically and reliably think through their most important bets. It's hard to make a dent in the universe without making some big bets. Danny founded Evident to teach people and organizations to deliberately practice that skill. He currently consults for OpenAI, GiveWell, and Open Philanthropy and his work has been published in HBR and the Associated Press.
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Round Tables Conversations (2)

Sheraton - Kihei Room

We’ll split into two smaller groups and host round table discussions that dig into topics raised earlier in the conference, lead by two conversational guides.
6:00 PM

Drive to Dinner

Find your way to dinner in Lahaina.
6:30 PM

Sunset Dinner

Various Restaurants
Dinner at various restaurants. Guests are responsible for their own meals.
9:30 PM

Lahaina Pub Crawl

The group will tour some of Lahaina’s hot spots.

Monday, September 10th

8:00 AM


The Sheraton
9:00 AM

Drive to Maui Makers

9:45 AM

Tour Maui Makers

Maui Makers
Guide: Laura Ulibarri

Maui Makers is a non-profit community workspace that provides access to all kinds of equipment and training to locals working on innovative ideas. Maui Makers President Laura Ulibarri will take us on a tour of the makerspace and the cool stuff being built there.
11:00 PM

Drive to Makawao

On the trail / adventure
11:30 AM

Lunch in Makawao

12:30 PM

Tour Pacific Science Institute

Guide: Garrett Lisi

We’ll join surfer-physicist and TED Speaker Garrett Lisi for a tour of the Pacific Science Institute on Maui. Garrett will show us the grounds and host a small Q&A with Denters about 8 dimensional models of the universe -- or whatever else we want to talk about.
2:00 PM

Drive back to Ka’anapali

Head back to home base and prepare for the evening or get to Lahaina.
5:00 PM


Various Restaurants
No-host dinners near the venue for the evening comedy magic show.
7:30 PM

Warren & Annabelle’s Comedy Magic Show

900 Front Street A202, Lahaina, Maui
In one of Maui’s most elegant and intimate settings, Warren Gibson, highly acclaimed showman and one of the country’s premier sleight-of-hand magicians, treats you to the best “close-up” magic, hilarious comedy and southern hospitality in this beautiful, million-dollar Hawaii venue!

Please note: Attendees wanting to enjoy the show must purchase tickets through the show's website here. - more info can be found below this schedule.
9:00 PM

Return to Ka’anapali

Back in Ka'anapali for the evening.

Tuesday, September 11th

9:00 AM


The Sheraton
10:00 AM

Mental Models for Truth

Sheraton - Kihei Room
Guide: Mark Duncan

In his Dent 2015 talk “lessons of a Consulting Detective,” real-life Sherlock Holmes Mark Duncan gave us a taste of the techniques and secrets he uses to unlock cold cases. On Maui, Mark will delve more deeply into the mental models he uses to get to the truth. One of his central models (which was embraced by Steve Jobs) is the concept of “Shoshin” the Japanese Zen term meaning "beginner's mind.”
12:30 PM

Closing Lunch