Denters at Clever Girls Collective just launched an influencer network for athletes

We love hearing about (and sharing) the really cool stuff that members of the Dent community are doing. Stefania Pomponi, Denter and one of the Founders of Clever Girls Collective (the agency that architected the now-famous #batkid escapade in San Francisco), had the idea to create a new influencer network when she saw an American snowboarder move to Russia because that’s where he could find a sponsor.

The new network, called Team on 3, is designed to connect brands that want to advertise with the huge pool of athletes outside of the Russell Wilsons and Kobe Bryants of the world, who often have even more intimate connections with their fans that can be a real boon tot he sponsors. In their words:

We’re innovating the way athletes obtain sponsorships. While brands often use athletes in ad campaigns to increase brand exposure, fan affinity, and sales, they typically focus on the top 1% like Peyton Manning or Richard Sherman. In contrast, Team On 3 delivers access to the other 99% of professional athletes who are arguably more influential because they interact directly with fans, friends, and families with authentic, entertaining, and brand-safe content.

Congrats on the launch Clever Girls… and by the way, when are you going to add e-sports athletes to the list?